"I have been wearing the Dreamlit for two weeks, and my sleep patterns have really settled down. I was struggling with waking several times in the night and not being able to get back to sleep. Now my sleep is deep and relaxing and my anxiety around sleep has disappeared. I have also had a couple of transformative dreams that have been of great help me on my process of growth and healing. I would recommend these bracelets to anyone struggling with sleep, or wanting to find more peace and balance in their daily life."
Emily UK

Since i have been wearing the dreamlit, I have lost the desire to smoke weed!! I am absolutely stunned- just don't have the craving. I am still smoking 2-5 roll ups a day of tobacco but that's it.
I cant say what a miracle this is- I have been hopelessly addicted since 18.
Anonymous UK

I am aged 82 and have had trouble sleeping for, what I could honestly say, over 50 years.
I have taken many a sleeping tablet as you could well imagine. Sometimes half a tablet as I was not happy to be taking these chemicals to help me sleep.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the dreamlit and thought I would put it to the test.
The first night I purposely did not take a sleeping tablet and to my amazement I slept from 10 till 4 with out waking. To some of you that may not be a good sleep but to me it was fantastic.

Thank you so much.
Dorothy NZ

I received 3 Dreamlits. One each for my 2 children & myself.

My biggest concern before receiving these was my 10 year old son. Since the earthquakes he had been suffering from what could only be described as night 'terrors', not just nightmares. He would wake with a deep, throat curdling scream, then run to my room traumatised. Since the 2nd earthquake on February 22nd he had also re-gressed to bed-wetting again. Not all the time, but alot. This would leave him further traumatised.

My daughter, wouldn't leave my bed & often woke crying. Feeling like she was trapped.

When I did manage to sleep, I would wake tired & was no longer dreaming.

I was gifted the dreamlits by a wonderful group of people. My son was told that the energy from the special stones were magical & could take away bad dreams. He never takes them off. He wears them to school because he swears they help him feel brave. When he first got them, he only wore them at night & we knew the nights he forgot to put them on or when they rolled off, because he would wake with a start. Now to save forgetting, he just doesn't take them off. He has wet the bed once since receiving them & that is because, I believe, he slept 12 hours. ? Which is not like him. He was hyperactive.

My daughter is back in her own bed & snoring again. She has 'boring' dreams now, which is how she likes them.

I have the deepest sleeps when I wear my dreamlits. I dream again. I wear mine all the time because they are pretty & help with the 'butterflies' I have had in my stomach, from living in an 'aftershock ridden' city.

I was told that it is probably a placebo effect that is helping my family but I beg to differ. Especially when you consider on the nights that they rolled off my sons skinny arm, in his sleep, he woke terrified. He went to sleep with them on.

Thank you for the lovely Dreamlits.

Sweet dreams to you all from this less stressed Christchurch family.
Kim NZ

I just wanted to give you some feedback about the dreamlits.

My son, age 9, had been having a problem with bedwetting for a number of years. We had tried months of Chiropractic treatments, and other treatments too. And although all the treatments were good and all helped his body alignment, none of them stopped the bedwetting.

It was not until it was suggested to use 3 dreamlits at once, that things started to change. Since then, he has been totally dry. One night he forgot to wear them and the next morning the bed was wet again. So now he wears them every night and is always dry.

Thank you so much, this is potentially such an embarrassing experience for kids and they are unable to sleep over and go on school camps.

We are endlessly grateful that we found this simple solution.
Anonymous NZ

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