A Dreamlit is a bracelet;
It's a combination of 8 crystals with a magnetic clasp to be worn while you sleep, and during stressful times around the home. It allows for a better quality of sleep because the conscious mind is resting.

The Dreamlit is put through a secret process;
it has been set to a frequency of 21MHz, which encourages the raising of the body's frequency as a result.
It takes you from a lower REM (rapid eye movement) and dream space where there is a lot of other people's clutter to a higher REM where the dream space is clearer. The subconscious works through the day's problems via dreams, this is a way the mind deals with its issues/clutter. 
Chakra is a 1 dimensional name but they are actually vortexes. As the body's clutter is cleared, the vortexes start to spin allowing for energy to flow through the body. Everything in the Universe is made up of frequencies, even ourselves. As the energy flows, the body's frequency increases and this gives a good feeling.
Allow for a period of adjustment if sleep is unsettled. Sometimes it takes a few days/nights for the body to attune to the higher frequency.  We advise that the Dreamlit not be worn for 24 hours but it can be worn when stressed or about an hour before sleep time. 

Wayne Morgan
Dreamlit Developer

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